Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Letters of note

Via Jason Kottke, I came across this site which publishes copies of rare letters written by eminent personalities. There is one written in 1939 by Gandhi to Hitler, urging the latter to drop the idea of war. Another by Charles Darwin, to his friend, written a full 15 years before the publication of his “On the Origin of species”. Yet another written by Winston Churchill with instructions that it be handed over to his wife in the event of his death.

And a crisp, simple ‘thank you’ note from Marilyn Monroe.


Shruthi said...

Ok, so you have managed to do two things.
1) Made me spend too much time on one site.
2) Made me read other people's letters.
Thanks for the fascinating link! :)

Raj said...

Shruthi, you are welcome.

ramesh said...


i loved this short one ..