Sunday, May 24, 2009

Conversation with daughter-30

Daughter was inconsolable after Chennai Super Kings lost in the semi-finals. “You don’t know how much I wanted them to win” she cried.

Me: But, aren’t you happy that a team with such nice blokes as Dravid and Kumble won the match?

Daughter: No. And I want RCB to lose in the finals.

Me: Just because they beat us in the semi-finals?

Daughter: Yes.

Me: Look, if RCB goes on to win the tournament, we can, at least, console ourselves that we were out-played by the best team. If they don’t, we would have lost to the second-best team.

Daughter: No way. CSK is the best team. They just happened to lose today.


Balajisblog said...

Raj - Symonds proved that he is a gorilla....and not a mere monkey ! The way he wears his white sunscreen on his lips accentuating it makes him resemble a G or a M. I am relieved that this 20-20 season is over. At home Father ...sons' conversation goes somewhat like this :

Sons' : Appa, did you see the match yesterday ( sons'...calling from my in-law's place ) ( call always comes when I am in front of my boss...who is 70 years old )

Me : No

Son : are wierd. Bi. See you later.

My Boss : Who was that on the phone ?

Me : My son...and ( in a lower octave I add )..wanted to know if I saw the match yesterday.

My boss : Yes...a good match...XYZ played very well. Did you see the way he thulped 3 sixes ?...

Me : Hmmm....actually...I did not see the match.

My boss : Velaiyum seriya paarkaradhulle...Matchum paakkaradhillae...nee ennadhan seyyarae ?

............and so life goes on...Balaji

Raj said...

Balaji, boss is right.

Vishwa said...

Lesson learnt: Don't see things logically ! Go by instinct !

CSK is always the best team :)