Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why I look so young.

“If I am looking much younger now than ever, it is because I have stopped eating any food item that is white in colour- such as rice, milk, curd ,salt, sugar, etc, from the age of forty”, actor Rajnikanth is quoted in today’s papers.

I found this very interesting.

I have met, and I am sure you too have met, many people with their own dietary preferences. I know some hard core vegetarians, a few vegans, and one or two who swear by organically-grown vegetables and fruits.

Moving along the continuum, I have a vegetarian friend who is partial to fish and some who consume only white meat, not red meat. There is a European colleague who takes only red meat, mainly beef, that too after making sure that the cattle had been allowed to graze in open meadows (eating chicken, according to him, induces stress in our bodies, as the meat comes from creatures raised and traumatised in packed poultry farms. Avoid at all cost, he implores).

Some consultants recommend green leafy vegetables, some advise you to lay off fats and some like Atkins who have made a fortune by asking people to avoid carbohydrates. So, there are so many categories in which you can slot people based on the diet they prefer or the diet they steer clear of.

But, this is the first time I have come across a person who shuns food that is white in colour.

I too would like to start a new category. Suppose, I start a fad by limiting my diet to food substances that begin only with the letter ‘b’, like bread, butter, broccoli, biryani, bisi bela bath, bagala bath, beans, baby corn, beef, batata vada, burger, boori ( as poori is pronounced is some parts of Tamilnadu), barotta ( as pronounced in some parts of….), biscuits, bakery products, butterscotch ice cream… Raj’s B-Diet, it will be called. No, that won’t find me followers. Maybe, I should simply start a cult that avoids all items with names that begin with the letter “x’ or “z”. “The secret of my eternal youthfulness is that I have always shunned zebra meat…” I will proclaim


Unknown said...

does your diet come with a money back guarantee?


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Barotta in someplaces (Read: Madurai) is also pronounced as Burotta.

dipali said...

Great idea, Raj!

Raj said...

sundar : Sure, provided you had paid the money, of course.

maduraiveeran : Ha, the Madurai Barotta is quite famous

dipali, thanks.

Shruthi said...

Actually, my music teacher used to follow this "No Whites After Six" policy. No curds, milk, rice, maida, sugar after 6 in the evening. She said it was good for overall health. This was about 15 years ago, and I have no idea if she still follows this regime and how it helped :D

Anonymous said...

Rajni is looking younger than ever? Through whose eyes?

Anonymous said...

The 'white' might be a reference to 'processed' foods. Sugar when not refined, is not white. Rice without polishing and processing is not white. Flour, without refining is not white, its murky. Milk is animal protein, and by extension all milk based products and although it might not relate to processed food might be better to avoid given how producers use hormones to improve production.