Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Conversation with daughter-23

Me: Getting admission into an Engineering College is too much trouble. I don’t think you should get into the Science group when you come into your 11th standard.

Daughter: Appa, you can’t decide that. It’s my choice.

Me: Hey, my parents decided for me, ok? So, I will decide for you. You, in turn, can decide for your child. That’s how life works.

Daughter: It may have worked that way for you. But, I will decide what I want to do.

Me: Look, my parents wouldn’t let me choose what I wanted to study, and if you don’t let me choose what you have to study, I would be sandwiched between an autocratic ancestor and a defiant descendant. I would end up not making the decision for anyone. That wouldn’t’ be fair to me, would it?

Daughter: Too bad. But, if I let you decide on my course, and years later, my daughter refuses to let me choose hers, then I would have lost out. So, rather you than me.


v said...

lol..!reminds me of the conversation i had with my dad.. but in the end dad decided what i should be doing and so here i am stuck doing engineering!!

Raj said...

perplexed : You will do well. Dads are always right.

Anonymous said...

smart kid. Let her decide, she will be more acountable and will learn to make decisions

Usha said...

Raj! dad's are always right a? may I speak to your dad for some old stories please.

Veena Shivanna said...

Such a cute conversation.. Earlier it was father and dad and now the generation gaps has narrowed so much that this can happen with a brother and sister!
That doesn't mean that dad's shouldn't decide on daughter's future but ya well thought decision is mostly welcome

Unknown said...

here it is : thanks. Not that I have a choice anyway.

usha, sure you may. Use the ouija board to reach him. he will tell you what an obedient son I was.

veena : You mean that the generation gap has widened? And there is a gap even between brother and sister?

dipali said...

Raj, your daughter is brilliant. So, what is she going to do?

Vishwa said...

Forward thinking !

Hey amazing time, I've had today, reading through your posts! Not a single one has failed to put a smile on me!

You bloggest!

Will come back to read thru your archives!