Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dear Diary- 11

Two weeks back. Hired an auto-rickshaw to go from Point A to B. When we reached destination, the driver asked me to pay Rs 120/-. I was furious. Normal fare is only Rs 60/-. I kicked and ranted and finally we settled at Rs 80/-. Both auto driver and self parted ways in foul temper.

Today. Hired an auto-rickshaw from same Point A to Point B. At Point A, as I was boarding, driver informed me that the fare would be Rs 60. Was pleased. Chatted with the driver. Enquired about his family, his daily routine, the petrol prices, Tamilnadu politics, etc. As I got off at Point B, I decided to pay the driver Rs 80/- instead of Rs 60/- as I felt that he had been honest. Both auto driver and self went away in good mood.

Same distance. Same fare of Rs 80/- paid on both days .Wonder why I was in foul temper the first time and in a terrific mood, the second time.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to think of suitable morals for this story. How about

"Honesty pays, but so does dishonesty" (since both got Rs 80).

Or maybe this is better:

"Honesty is the best medical insurance policy" :P

Raj said...

lekhni, hmmm, maybe the best policy is to pay the auto guy whatever he demands.

dipali said...

Moral: auto drivers all conspire to confuse their hapless passengers.

Morpheus said...

Auto Drivers - A law unto themselves. Challenges fares at your own risk.

Interesing..good job you dont live in Delhi..the auto drivers there make you want to jump under the nearest speeding truck...