Wednesday, October 17, 2007

R.I.P.Series- 13

I am sure all of you would have read about the incident in which, “over 130 passengers on a Jet Airways flight, including the entire Australian cricket team and some members of the Indian squad, had a narrow escape on Monday when the plane carrying them to Mumbai made an emergency landing at Dr Ambedkar international airport in Nagpur after being hit by a bird.”

While you were all offering thanks to whichever gods you pray to and seek favours from, for saving the lives of the cricketers, did you spare a thought for the bird? Not Dickie Bird. I am talking about the poor, little bird that was killed by the plane-hit?

RIP, dear bird. You will be missed.


sujatha said...

I dont't think u should worry too much about the little bird. It will certainly be reborn as a cricketer and have someone offering thanks to the good Lord for enabling it to escape mishaps.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it was a 'suicide bomber', seeking revenge for all the birds that have been hit by the cricket ball?

Raj said...

sujatha,thanks for the consolation!

rohit,you have a devious mind, man. You ought to write thrillers.