Thursday, September 27, 2007

Conversation with daughter- 17

Me: I cleared the loft today

Daughter : ( gives disinterested look)

Me: I threw out so much stuff. Can’t believe we accumulated all that junk.

Daughter : ( continues to stare disinterestedly)

Me: Some of that junk must have been 15 years old……

Daughter : ( persists with her disinterestedness)

Me: ……… including that blanket you used till you were a year old. You would never let go of that blanket. Clinging to it all the time, like Linus.

Daughter: ( stops being Ms. Disinterested) What! You threw out that blanket!

Me : Of course, I threw it out. It was lying in that suitcase for over 15 years.

Daughter: You can’t be serious! You really threw out that blanket?

Me : Don’t tell me you are still sentimentally attached to it?

Daughter: No. I don’t even remember using it. But, that’s not the point. As a parent, you ought to treasure the first ever blanket that your daughter used. And not throw it out.


dipali said...

Brilliant child!

Unknown said...

thanks for the heads up.. was about to toss the blanket out yesterday..


Raj said...

dipali, yes, but I don't want her to know that.

sundar, put it back; hoard.

Usha said...

I agree with daughter. What is happening to parents these days - so insensitive and uncaring. Aren't you supposed to treasure every moment of your child's life since the moment she was born. Go read some of the momma bloggers and learn raj.

Raj said...

usha, that reminds me. I must check with my mother, if she still has the blanket that I used when I was a year old.