Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is your parent aound?

My blog has been given a rating of R . Those of you under 17 years of age ( and I suspect most of you are) need a parent or guardian around, while reading my posts. And, those over 17, need to be a parent or guardian.

The rating is based on the presence of these damaging words: death (4 times), dangerous (twice) and missionary (once).

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Usha said...

Holier than thou!
I am G for general audience. why - well, no BAD words were found in my blog! (SMUG)
(What a hypocrite I am!)

Anonymous said...

Missionary once and hence "R"! LOL! ROTFL! Too much!

Raj said...

usha, maybe the bad words were found in the comments on my blogs!

mysorean, ha, depends on the context, does it not?