Thursday, January 04, 2007

What's your footprint?

Ever wondered how much of natural resources your lifestyle requires?

Try this Ecological Footprint Quiz. It estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. After answering 15 easy questions you'll be able to compare your Ecological Footprint to what other people use and to what is available on this planet.

My ecological footprint is 8.5 hectares, against India’s average of 0.8 hectares. Worldwide there exists 1.8 biologically productive hectares per person. If everyone lived like me, we would need 4.7 planets of the size of earth!

Hmmm. I guess, it’s time to conquer outer space and inhabit a few more solar systems.


Anonymous said...

This quiz is quite amazing , my total footprint came as 1.7, & it said with this footprint we would need 1.0 planet. So is that ok or no?? But i agree that we should use solar energy as much as possible.

A Motley Tunic said...

8.5 hectares??!! i am totally shocked. i guess all the airplane travelling increases your footprint. otherwise i dont see how it could be so enormous!

Raj said...

shilpi, you are doing fine, World needs more such shilpis.

sowmya, must be all that commuting and travelling, but I agree that it is shocking.