Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Found : male model

A galaxy of female stars has modeled for Lux Soap, over the decades. Just two years back, Lux broke this tradition and cast Shah Rukh Khan as its first male model.

While watching the telecast of the second test match against England last week, it struck me that there is, at least, one Indian cricketer who has all the right credentials to model for this soap.

V.V.S. Luxman.


dipali said...


Revathi said...

ha ha :)

Blogeswari said...


Heard Yuvraj is the brand ambassador for a popular show on Vijay tv called Super"singh"er senior? appadiya?

Ps : You put one mokkai, I will put hajjar.. jaagradhai!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious posts! Could you categorize your posts, if I'm not asking too much? Like say, Conversations with daughters (my favourites) in one category? I'm sure a lot of other readers would be happy, too, if you did that.

Raj said...

dipali, revathi : thanks

blogeswari : What mokkai? That was a brilliant idea. Even Dipali agrees.

anon : thanks for the suggestion. I will do it, as soon as I figure out how to do it. by the way, why don't you sign in with a name?