Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dear heart, slow down

Apparently, elephants and mice, or for that matter all the other animals within the spectrum, have one thing in common. In an average lifetime, the heart beats 1.5 billion times and then they die. (source)

The reason the elephant lives longer than a mouse is because its heart beat is much slower. So it conserves energy and manages to stretch its quota of 1.5 billion heart beats over a much longer period.

By this reckoning, human beings ought to be dead when they are 40 years old (assuming 70 beats per minute, the limit of 1.5 billion is reached in 40.7 years). But, we seem to have defied the odds and beaten the system. So, if like me, you are over 40, you have outlasted the warranty that came with the product

The yogis of yore got their fundas right. I read somewhere that one of them could get his heart beat down to single digit and this was verified by medical personnel.

Somewhere, in this news item, I detect a terrific plot for a science fiction novel.


Unknown said...

it is a good thing that said Yogi has not been declared clinically dead!

In todays fast paced world, I doubt if the docs will wait for 60 seconds for the second beat..


Anonymous said...

Then i guess all aerobic activity should be banned. All u sports people out better watch out! Ya'll are only reducing your life span. The theory suits lazy folks like me though!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! When are you starting to write the novel ?

Usha said...

I had an uncle who used to say "aachu 65 vayasu. Innum konja naal moochai pidichundu irundutta peran kalyanathai pathuttu poidalam"
Perhaps he knew the significance of number of moochus and longevity. Oh, the wisdon of our ancestors!

Usha said...

Oh sorry, That was moochu and this is heart beat . I got a little confused. You must forgive me, I am a litereature student. hehe...

Raj said...

sundar, yes. Flat line ECG and all that.

sujatha, how true. You must tell sankar that bradycardia is better than trachycardia, and to quit jogging.

ashu, hope to write the novel soon. Thanks.

usha, hey. what has being a literature student got to do with it? Even literature students breathe and have heart beats.