Friday, October 19, 2012

All be of the same mind.

An incident in the year 1838, narrated by a Christian missionary. (source)

At a village in Southern India belonging to a respectable Brahmin, a small number of families applied to a catechist for instruction. The Brahmin, hearing of it, assembled the whole of the villagers, and addressed them as follows: "I hear that some of you have determined to learn the Christian Vedas. Now I do not want any divisions or quarrels in my village. There shall not be two parties here. Therefore, all of you remain in your old religion, or else all of you in a body join the new. If you like to embrace Christianity, do so: I will make no opposition. You may turn your temple into a prayer-house, if you like: only, all be of the same mind." All the inhabitants of the village, nearly two hundred in number, decided in favor of Christianity; placed themselves under instruction; demolished their idols, valued at two hundred rupees; and delivered up their devil temple to become a temple of the living God.

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