Friday, January 23, 2009

Conversation with daughter- 28

Daughter: Appa, how does one become a Prime Minister or a President?

Me: What do you mean?

Daughter: I mean, what does one have to study? Just as you have to study Medicine to become a doctor?

Me: Let me think. ….What you need to do is to complete a Bachelor’s course in Arts, followed by a Master’s.

Daughter: How does that help you become President?

Me: Well, that’s what this guy called Baracko did.

Daughter: Baracko?

Me: Yes, he did his B.A and then his M.A and called himself Barack Obama. That's how he became President .


here it is!!!! said...

That's not right, he did Law in Ivy League, he had a dream that he followed with all vigor, also, had standards even in politics. He gave hope and substantiated with talking points. He got the right people for the right job. I Love OBAMA!

Rachna said...

I agree. I look upto Obama too. He is not only well-educated, articulate but he seems compassionate too. He has beaten all odds to reach where he has. I love Obama too.

Raj said...

Here it is, Rachna: My desperate attempts at being funny have been thwarted by both of you!

Santhosh C said...


Escape.... Great Escape said...

Your daughter should write movie scripts. This was the theme for the movie "Sivappadhigaaram"

Ping said...

Haha I realized the dude's name could've even been Rackoba! BArack ObaMA! OK, unfunny.. Lol.

dipali said...

Such an interesting perspective on the POTUS's name!

Vishwa said...

too bad! I've done a B-tech :(