Thursday, April 17, 2008

The morning entertainment

I am beginning to get hooked to the Deccan Chronicle. Endless fun, it gives me.

Monday’s edition carried details of an MMS floating around, showing a Tamil actress kissing someone who was believed to be a local, married businessman with kids. The correspondent reported that when the actress was asked for her views, she emphatically denied that the photo was hers. She went on to add that someone had obviously doctored the photo, supplanting a look-alike of hers, just to tarnish her image. She lamented that some unscrupulous elements were misusing technology with a view to injuring people like her who hailed from cultured backgrounds.

Tuesday’s edition carried a report that the photograph was indeed that of the Tamil actress, and the kissing mate was none other than her husband whom she had married three years back and divorced later. When the actress was contacted, she confirmed that the photo was taken on the evening of her wedding, during a private function, where only select photographers were present. One of the photographers must have leaked the photo out, betraying our trust, she said. The newspaper, to enhance the credibility of the report, carried a couple of more photographs from the same wedding reception.

Also, Tuesday’s edition carried a sensational front-page article on how the police had tapped into the phone of even the Chief Secretary of the State. It said that an audiotape of the tapped conversation was in the possession of the newspaper. A transcript was published for public consumption.

On Wednesday, the paper reported that the Govt had ordered an enquiry into the episode. Not to investigate why or how the tapping was done, but to find out how the audiotape had fallen into the hands of the newspaper.

Endless fun, I tell you. .


Karthik Sriram said...

Who is the actress, if I may ask??


Mambalam Mani said...

Yes seriously. Who cares about what happened to the tape. Tell us who the actress is..

Raj said...

kartik, santhosh : answer's in the mail

Usha said...

Mark cc to me too. :)