Monday, June 11, 2007

The incredible surgical feat.

The child is on the operating table. An open-heart surgery is in progress and has reached a critical stage. The doctors are tense; so are the assistants. The mother of the child is pacing up and down the corridor outside, biting her lips and chewing her nails simultaneously. The anesthetist is counting the seconds. And, suddenly, the lights go out. All is dark.

“ Start the generator” says the chief surgeon. The assistant dials on the intercom. The watchman doesn’t answer the phone as he is sound asleep. “Where’s the emergency lamp?” screams the surgeon. “Sorry doc, it is not working” answers the assistant.

“Doc, only a minute left, for consciousness to come back.”warns the anesthetist .

Phew. What a situation to be in! What would you do if you were the surgeon?

Watch what Vijaykanth did in a similar situation. What presence of mind!


Anonymous said...


For a moment one expected him to give out Happydent gum to all the doctors and ask them to do what the gum ad does. But then "logic" took over. If they removed their mouthpieces and exposed their teeth, it could create a risk of infection!

Cmreddy said...

for a moment, i thought you have become a novelist and this is an excerpt from your yet to be released thriller. But its unfair to blame "Andala Natudu" (Beautiful Actor as he is famous in Andhra) Vijyakanth. Poor guy has put his heart and soul to enact the role.

And hats off to MP for being so logical.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

ROTFLMAO. Only in Tamil movies !

Anonymous said...

Hi Raj:

I have ben reading your posts for quite sometime now, but had never left a comment.Conversations with daughter are my favs. The conversation, "This too shall pass" is now part of the family, thanks to you.
I have nominated you for the thinkingblog awards, it will be great if you take this tag.

Raj said...

mp, brilliant thinking

cmreddy, true. If only the real-life surgeons would be so passionate....

poppins : Ha, no. Tamil has enough competition.

utbtkids : Thanks for the appreciation and the nomination.

Unknown said...

got to your blog through utbt.

man, I am rolling on the floor laughing!

you should forward the video to the guy who invented LCD technology. he will be soooo proud.


Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Oops was that in a telugu movie. Dumb me ! I was at work and didnt turn the volumne up. Just presumed that it was in Tamil. Bah !

Raj said...

sundar, welcome to my blog. The LCD inventor will be awestruck by Indian ingenuity.

poppins, it was Tamil, relax.