Saturday, February 17, 2007

Conversation with daughter-9

As I outlined, to the family, my travel itinerary for the month, I thought I heard a murmur of protest from my younger daughter, something about me not being there to watch the play that she was acting in.

Would she be happier, I teased her, if I took up a job which would have me rooted to Chennai, seven days a week?

“No, no” she replied, “that would be very odd.”

I thought over that reply. From the time she was born, she has been so used to the routine of her father travelling every week. This ‘travel’ has been an integral part of the image she had of me and which she is quite comfortable with. A father who stayed at home all the time was something alien to what she was used to and something she could never come to terms with.

So, ‘Brand Appa’ involves one who doesn’t dye his hair, however grey and who keeps travelling three days a week. Any deviation to this set pattern, would meet the same fate as that of New Coke when it was launched with a new formula. Old Coke and Old Appa are vintage stuff you don’t tamper with..


Usha said...

Come on if you didnt travel how will she get all those cute little bottles of shampoos and conditioners and bodylotions?? Hehhe, just kidding. But that is so sweet the image each child has of his/her parents.

Raj said...

Usha, you have a point there, maybe she thinks my travel = goodies for her.